The best way to communicate straight to the point is through film.

Elif Akyuz

I have experience in filmmaking, in fiction, documentary, and art film. Film is a powerful media. It also inspires my approach to campaigning.

The Jury (2017)

Short Movie. The geek Toby is chosen to realize the dream of reunifying a divided humanity and stop the big game played for many centuries behind its back. It is not as easy as he thinks, though he is not alone on this journey.

Toby: Tcherry Samedy; Written & Directed by Bahar Elif Akyuz; DP / Editor / Sound Designer: Tcherry Samedy; Music Composer: Rudi Reyners; Special Thanks: Gilles Dubochet.

La Bruxellisation/Brusselization (2021)

Art Installation. Brussels is changing. Too quickly? This art installation explores the dark sides of a rapidly-changing city.

Original installation on 3 screens and props. Video shows installation as well as three videos.

Director: Elif Akyuz
Music: Into Paris by Bear McCreary
Actress: Ümmü Yılmaz
Voice over: Gilles Dubochet speaking Bruxelles ma belle by Dick Annegarn
Hands: Erdinç Doğan, Gilles Dubochet, Timo El Abdellaoui, Marie Debacker, Elif Akyuz
Crew: Timo El Abdellaoui, Layla Schenkel
Special Thanks: Manu Delmarche, Rose Midavaine, Ian West, Racha Mounaged

La vie selon Nazim Hikmet (2020)

Mise en image d’un poème de Nazim Hikmet, l’une des plus importantes figures de la littérature turque du XXe siècle.

Réalisatrice / Son / Montage: Bahar Elif Akyuz

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