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Change to adapt is a common property between trees and human – dijitalx
As we know the cell is the basic structural, functional, and biological unit of all known living organisms. The number of cells in plants and animals varies from species to species but humans contain about 100 trillion cells. Since our bodies are huge masses of atoms we can generate electricity.

How Deep-sea mining destroys ocean floor? – dijitalx
Everything has started after the 1960’s book called ” J. L. Mero’s Mineral Resources of the Sea”. After the idea of descending to the inner waters, many countries sent out their research vessels for the discovery of nodule deposits. It is true, the underground sea basin has vents that create massive sulfide deposits.

What questions to ask before Starting a Campaign Management? – dijitalx
Europe’s priorities can be influenced by strong campaigns. With campaigns, we can create awareness in the society. If you want to learn the general technics on how to boost your organisational image and gain the necessary confidence to implement campaigns you need to first make your points clear.
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My Directing Tips while Filming an Interview – dijitalx
Experience is key in filmmaking. As a director, you need to be in control of the artistic and technical aspects of the screenplay. In this case, we are in an alive interview called “More Than Violin”. My subject Gözde Sevdir, violinist, tells about her story after she comes to Brussels.
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Being Lighting Director in the set of Filming the ‘Poetry’ – dijitalx
As a Lighting Director I was in the set of Ilja Sircenko’s interview with Maria Alkova from St.Petersbourg. Briefly, for Maria poetry is a passion. She wanted to share her love with us through her own written poem. The light preference of Ilja was dominantly on blue color in order to give the reflect on snow and cold weather of Russia.
Audio, Image, Video Compressions, for Non-Informaticians – dijitalx
Choosing the right codec for every project takes a lot of time. Not everybody is an informatician. My goal here is to reduce the amount of time that you need to spend in order to understand the simple and relevant compression ways. Sometimes compression process causes some loss of information and sometimes not.
Analog vs. Digital recording? Which one is superior? – dijitalx
Both Digital or Analog recordings transform sound signals into an electrical signal. While performing that, analog use different method to replicate the original sound waves than digital. They both try to be close to the original sound as much as possible. But which recording is superior to the other one?
Communicate Better with your Audio Expert in 5 Minutes! – dijitalx
Today we will learn how to better communicate with the Sound Experts in the Audio-Visual sector. Are you a Videographer, podcaster or a film director? Then, you need to express your basic needs better for your audio professionals. You don’t need a long time to learn the basics.
Optimist Solutions to 2030 Global Water Crisis (Part 2) – dijitalx
The world’s fresh water is very unevenly distributed. Look at water rich countries Before talking about product efficiency and less environmental damage, it is the duty of water independent countries to share its resources. Positive outcome of sharing water though agreements is examined in Part 1.
Water Sharing Agreements Brings Peace for 2030 Global Water Crisis
Everybody knows how vital the water is for living things. Water cannot be comparable to any other commodity such as gold, petroleum or diamond. Even though the world is surrounded by %70 of seas only %2 is a drinkable water for all of us.