“It is not enough to tell me you communicate effectively, show it by making me feel brilliant”

Elif Akyuz

I am the campaign director of the Dandelion Group. I develop trainings on negotiation and campaigns. I evaluate EU-level diversity policy and implement communication strategies.

The Dandelion Group is a social enterprise that responds to diverse needs and creates tailored trainings for NGOs and businesses. Our goal is to create coalitions for socially excluded groups.

Collaborative Negotiation

We equip dealmakers in the public or private sector with a blueprint to create mutually beneficial outcomes.

Persuasive Communication

We equip professionals with techniques that help convince others by being more credible, clear and captivating.

Personal Coaching

Are you looking for a full workout? A personal coaching is composed of up to three of the following modules, which we train twice in 2-hour sessions:
Winning debates
Rhetorical fireworks
Framing your message
Effective use of voice
Body language
Social media
Visual communication
Effective writing
Pitching proposals
Connecting with your audience

Portfolio of Trainings